Better late than never...because I love you.

A day late, a dollar short, but I still wanted to take a minute to say Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

I Love You garland by Lovely Indeed

Sign by Coulson Macleod, as spotted on Le Love

And for you, B:

Via Le Love

Wishing you a great one, wherever you are and whomever you're with. xoxo, r.


Dirty 30 (plus one) Club

This Thirty-ish candles are high-larious. And since I'm fast-approaching the age where I'd actually need these (yikes!), I'm cataloging this sussy and adding it to ye old wish list.

Good thing too, because I was planning to be "29" for the next couple of years, so at least these "Thirty-ish" candles will help keep me honest. You know, gotta keep it real. ;)

In case you, too, are encroaching upon "cougar" status, you can get your very own set of candles here.

Editor's note: I just found out the same company also makes candles that read Don't Ask, Lost Count, as well as simply You're Old (my personal fave). Or - if you're feeling really daring - they also have ones that read 21 Again (ballsy).


Baby beer pong?

Look what Maggie found in Target:
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Photo by Maggie from Mighty Girl

Beer pong for babies? Say huuuuuhhh?

Well, sorta. Cuponk is a game from Hasbro that comes with a ping pong ball (two, actually - guess they were feeling generous) and a decorated cup. When you sink the ball in the cup, the cup lights up and plays a "victory sound" to let you know you've got your shot in. That's kinda cool, actually.

Hmm, actually, I'm kinda into the El Campeon lucha libra version (above, far left).

But do you think it smacks a bit too much of the binge-drinking beer pong? Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy some pong - but for children ages nine and up?? Yiiiikes.

Is anyone else disturbed that Hasbro is now selling beer pong to kids? "Get 'em started young!" I guess, eh? Also hilarious: Bam Margera is the spokesman. Yeah, 'cuz this is age appropriate.