Have a great weekend!

I'm off to do a zillion things this weekend but hope everyone has a great one! Get outside, ride a scooter, blow bubbles, or just do nothing at all (and relax). See you Monday!

Photo from J. Crew's Crewcuts catalog.

Come see me (alternately titled "aerial dance showcase")

Photo from Lunacy Dance

People: I am performing a very quick, very amateur "piece" in a showcase for my aerial dance class. It's me and three other adults, as well as about 16 or so high-school-aged whippersnappers. Which means it will be quite absurd to see my old self (I've got 10 years on those girls!) in a leotard and leggings, trying to maneuver on a static trapeze and fabrics while 16- to 18-year-old girls fling themselves all over the place without even breaking a sweat.

Alas, if anyone wants to come see (and/or laugh and/or bring flowers/chocolate/money), it's next Saturday, June 6 at 7:00pm. My fabulous and talented teacher, Di Palumbo, may also do her piece, which I can assure you will be gorgeous. It will be held at Studio 180 on West Street in Annapolis. Be there or be square (and see you all at Greg's rooftop party in Bmore afterward.)

Blue bathroom bliss

Ohmygosh, I am lurrrving this bathroom (as well as the rest of the house):

Spotted on Design*Sponge, it's from the home of Kelly Osborne (VP, Marketing & Communications of See Jane Work). Her recently redone home is lovely, fresh and fun from top to bottom. And being that she's one of the heads of See Jane Work, I'm going to assume it's extraordinarily organized too. Kelly, wanna come over my house and help me??

Those blue subway tiles and cabinetry are making my heart go pitter-patter. Be sure to follow the above link to D*S and take a look at the incredible soaking tub that happens to be in this bathroom as well. Throw in a healthy orchid (which they just happen to have two of in this room!) and I'm in heaven. (Well, heaven, as long as they serve cheeseburgers and rum and cokes in that bathroom....)


Since it's now full-on summer (and in Annapolis, summer is synonymous with boating), and at the mention of my boyfriend, B, I thought I'd put up a quick post about kayaking. But sorry, B, instead of espousing the values of kayaking, I thought I'd focus a bit more about my favorite part of kayaking:

The hot guys. :)

Okay, just kidding, that's not the only good thing about kayaking, but it is a nice bonus. (Sorry, y'all, if you were curious, that's not B above - it's a photo of Steven Ferguson from Fergs Kayaks in New Zealand.)

Beyond the aforementioned benefits, kayaking really is an awesome sport/activity. B and I have logged a lot of miles in our single-paddler sea kayaks and had some great times on the water paddling.

If you have a few minutes, take a look at this video of some sick long boaters (it's five minutes so feel free to scan through it); the video is also dubbed to a really good Damien Marley (featuring Nas) song that I had never heard, so enjoy:



On our recent trip to San Diego (ah, sunny paradise), B and I rode beach cruisers all over Pacific Beach with his brother and sister-in-law. It was fab. If I ever give up my scooter, or move to a beach town and get a beach cruiser bicycle instead, I want a fresh green bicycle basket like this one from Design House Stockholm. Oprah featured it in her famous "The O List" quite some time ago, and I remember ripping out the above page for my inspiration book (yes, I have a binder full of tear sheets of things I love, stop snickering). This basket is so fun. I'd also definitely need a bike bell - to warn all those people as I barreled down the street...beach cruisers are hard to steer!

Friends and family, if I ever move to sunny CA (I'm still threatening), this would be a great going-away present. Just sayin'... Or perhaps I'll just store it in my brain as a potential gift for the next friend of mine who gets a bike (S, you don't count since you returned your beach cruiser and got a Trek instead). Enjoy all. Hope you get to go outside and ride a bike sometime this summer.

Photo Booth

I'm putting it out there right now: If I ever get married (stop shaking and sweating, B, this isn't really about that), I want a photo booth for the reception. I promise to be laid-back about the wedding in general (big props to my friend, Sarah, who is the most laid-back bride ever!), but this is one thing I am willing to go all bridezilla about.

I love photo booths. I've always loved them. It reminds me of being a kid and getting photo strips with my family from the photo booth in the Boston Children's Museum. (Which, I recently read, was removed during the new renovation. Boo hoo!)

It also should be noted that I would want an old-fashioned photo booth that produces photos like the ones above - on a strip of four, without the couple's name below, and nice and grainy. It makes it look authentic, and best of all, the overlit, soft focus makes you look good! :) Also, I think the new, digital ones are a bit cheesy (not that I'd be complaining, and my apologies to anyone who used a new, digital photo booth).

Photo above from Brett Ratner's book (yes, he's a director, but he also created this cool book of photo booth photo strips, available on Amazon here).


Just Dutchy

I know it's been around for a while, but I still absolutely love the Dutchtub. I can't wait to have my own backyard so that we can get a fun (and eco-friendly) outdoor hot tub.

And in case you don't know what a Dutchtub is, it's essentially a lightweight tub (looks like the bottom half of a giant piggy bank to me) with attached coils in which you burn wood to heat the water in the coils, thereby heating the tub. No plug or electricity needed. Where else can you sit in a hot tub (and located virtually anywhere in the world, thanks to its supreme transportability) and make s'mores at the same time? I think a sweet blue/green Dutchtub would be a perfect addition to a backyard and the patio heater that I mentioned yesterday. :)

The best part of it, though, is that - in theory - you don't have to have a backyard. Weighing in at only 165 pounds (without water), it's portable enough to, say, throw on your raft and paddle down the river or put on top of your Mini Cooper and drive to your destination. Oh, those zany Dutchmen.

Still waiting... (alternately titled "crazy for ikat")

Listen, Target, I don't want to complain - and don't get me wrong, we all know I love me some Tar-jay - but I'm ready for your fab, fab slipcovered chairs to go on sale. At only $299.99, they're already a steal, but I don't know how thrilled B would be if I brought home an (only slightly possibly needed) ikat slipper chair. Given my current job status, I might need to wait a bit...or just until these go on sale...if ever. I've been eying up these puppies for several months now, waiting for a great sale (beyond the 15% off orders over $125 that Target already has going on), but to no avail. Isn't it time to knock these down a bit, Target? How does $150 sound? $200?

Give me a call if you want to chat, Tarj. I'd be happy to hop on a plane to Minneapolis anytime you want. I hear it's lovely in the Spring (and amend that last sentence - let's limit trips to non-winter months please).

Regardless, I'm love, love, loving Target's home goods (check out the similarly fab headboards here) and, as always, their uncanny ability to knock off the best stuff and do it really well. Take a look at similar fabric samples from Calico Corners - look familiar?

That green bird print in the middle is a dead ringer for Target's rendition (I guess it's actually the other way around though):

Love it. Keep up the good work, Target. xoxo -r.


Burn, baby, burn

Since we live in such a great city, we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Annapolis has a lot of great bars and restaurants with outdoor seating, which we love. However, being a bit of a wuss, I don't like getting chilly at night (nor am I a fan of schlepping around a hoodie, poncho or Snuggie). Yes, I do carry a cardi or light jacket with me most of the time, but I think these venues should help me out a bit. Enter these brilliant outdoor patio heaters from Kindle. Much cooler than the standard silver heater you've seen sold in hardware megastores, this stylish propane "glowing" number is awesome.

It may look a bit odd on its own, but check it out on this cool rooftop lounge:

Would be great for any bar or restaurant, or even for a tent wedding - or better yet in my own backyard.

Sunshiny eye candy

Since it's so gray and rainy outside today, I thought I'd post a cheery image from one of my favorite visual inspiration sources - the fun, festive and gorgeous dessert tables from Amy Atlas Events. I love the colors, composition and attention to detail that she and her team put into each of their tableaus. Even the simple birthday cupcakes below look over-the-top amazing.

Even if you couldn't afford to hire AAE to create a setting for you, it would be quite simple to take inspiration from any one of her gorgeous set-ups and create your own - whether it be for a wedding or a simple baby shower or birthday party.

Here's to hoping the sun comes out soon. In the meantime, enjoy these pics (and be sure to go to Amy's site to see more).


Silhouettes, part deux

I promise, I'll chill out on the silhouettes after this, but I came across this image and couldn't resist. Yet another great showing of silhouettes. Found via Julianne Austin's blog, The White Balloon.

I know what you mean...

I won't get too much into it, but I mentioned last week that I was just laid off from my advertising agency job. I haven't fully processed it yet and therefore haven't jumped into job searching, networking and all that just yet (blah blah blah), but I'm doing my best to be happy with where I am. In the meantime, I'm loving this image, from ffffound.


I came across this image again recently (originally from Blueprint magazine from a few years ago, before its demise) and fell in love again. I know this photo doesn't appear to be by the sea in any way, but I still love it (I'm not tied to seaside only people!). I'll take it all - the Wellies, the adorable boy in the plaid shorts (you could totally rock this look, B!) and the charming green door. I even love their font choice for the title header. Sigh. Rest in peace, Blueprint.


A different kind of boating...

If you haven't seen video for "I'm on a Boat" yet - created by the hilarious group, The Lonely Island (including Andy Samberg from SNL and of the "D*ck in a Box" fame) - check it out here:

Not exactly the type of "yachting" I'd normally be talking about, but on this holiday weekend, I'll take it. Besides, I'm also "wearin' flippy-floppies" today. Poseidon, look at me!

Have a great start to your Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Lovin' it, USPS

I know everyone's been blogging about this, but I was so excited to see these new stamps from the USPS. Totally adorable for wedding invites or accoutrement, or for everyday use. Though wouldn't it be kind of creepy to see the Queen's hand on the King's stamp (with no attached arm or body) when separated? Nonetheless, if I have to ante up for new .44 stamps, I'm glad the (soon-to-be bankrupt) USPS came up with these.


Seaside cloth calendar

I've seen some lovely photos from the National Stationery Show and particularly liked this cloth calendar from Linea Carta. Love the beachy feel (those seahorses look quite familiar, no?) and the casual yet chic sensibility. This would be great as a gift (newlyweds, new parents [perhaps mark a baby's birth date before giving], for mom, etc.) or hanging above your own desk. Even if you're miles away from the beach, this calendar has that shipwreck look that might make you feel as if it had washed up on a shore somewhere and you cleverly found it.


I briefly mentioned silhouettes that we made for B's sister, so I thought I'd quickly show you a(nother poorly lit) photo of the end result:

Then, a full four months after we made ours, I came across a similar silhouette project on a blog that I absolutely love for its brilliant and creative DIY projects, Twig & Thistle. You can check out her version (including full instructions and photos) here.

Now that I've done this once and have seen it in other iterations, I'm chomping at the bit to make a set of silhouettes for B and me. If I let myself get carried away, I just might make everything personalized with silhouettes: stationery, napkins, framed images, and so on. Yikes! Someone hold me back! Now if only we finally had that puppy to complete the trifecta of silhouettes...

Baby gifts

It seems like everyone I know is popping out babies right now and therefore the topic of baby gifts has come up recently. B's sister had a beautiful baby last year - the first grandchild in the family and really the first baby we really knew at the time.

Here are a few of the gifts we bought for Olivia, and which will surely be on my go-to list from here on out:

From left to right: Sophie la Giraffe (brilliant French teether, handmade in the Alps), adorable pink baby crocs (smallest size they had - she just grew into them at about 11 months), and the softest blanket ever.

However, we didn't want to add too many store-bought gifts to the growing mass of toys, supplies and outfits that B's sis and brother-in-law were inevitably receiving from B's large extended family. Instead, we wanted to give a gift that was really personalized for the new threesome.

B's sister and brother-in-law have a Boston Terrier and a Bull Terrier, so we thought of incorporating them into something every baby needs - basic onesies.

I bought a short sleeve onesie and a long sleeve t-shirt, each in a different size (banking that she'd be growing fast). Even buying two separate sizes/styles was still under $10 - gotta love Tarjay. Then, using a project I saw on Martha (see the full instructions and video here), I set out to make these one evening after work. I first bought fun fabric from JoAnn Fabrics that I thought would work well for each of the dogs (pink damask for the female Boston Terrier and a graphic black-and-white print for the manly Bull Terrier). When I got home, I simply Google-image-searched their two types of dogs. When I found good images (side shots and with minimal background clutter), I printed them out and trimmed out the outline for each of the two dogs. I then ironed the paper cut-outs onto Wonder Under (a cool webbing/applique product that I purchased for less than $10, also from JoAnn) and ironed my newly made appliques onto the onesie and t-shirt, respectively. I would've followed up with a topstitch to really secure the appliques and give it that finished look - like Martha did - but I don't have a sewing machine, so the ironed-on appliques were where I stopped. Sorry baby O. Nonetheless, the onesie and tee looked adorable and made for a very personalized gift with only medium (perhaps even minimal the second time around) effort. Here are some (poorly lit) photos (I really need to set a better flash level on my camera):

We also made a trio of silhouette portraits of his sister, brother-in-law and the new baby, which we framed, but I can post about that project another day if anyone is interested. If you want further instructions for the onesies, let me know or check out the Martha link. Happy gifting!


Scoot it up

Since it's such a lovely day out, I decided to take my scooter for a quick trip to the grocery store (see aforementioned obsession with the grocery store). Every time I ride my scooter I love it a bit more. It's a great way to zip around town - on streets that are 45mph or less (scoot scoot has some speed, but can only really get to 49 or so with just me on it, so it's not safe to take it on, say, Rt. 95) - and it's much cheaper and more eco-friendly than taking the car, especially if I'm going someplace nearby. Also the scooter is totally cute and I feel a bit like Gwyneth every time I jump on (though she looks much cooler in her helmet - I just kind of look like a bobblehead doll).

Gwyneth Paltrow

We got our first scooter after I took an amazing trip to the Italian coast where my best friend and I rode a two-person scooter up and down the Aeolian Coast for two weeks, taking in beautifully breathtaking seascapes and fresh air the whole way. Every time we hopped on the scooter (well, in that case it was more like a pseudo-motorcycle 350-pound behemoth), we oohed and aahed at the sights we saw (and then ate our second helping of gelato for the day). When I got home, B (the boyfriend) surprised me with a shiny silver Vespa lookalike. Sadly, that scooter was stolen a month in, but I've since replaced his purchase with a fun, sea blue scooter. Here's (part) of a pic of me on said scooter:

Please ignore the dorky matching blue fleece (it was chilly out that night!) and schlumpy posture. I definitely did not match the jacket to the scooter on purpose. I'm all for a pulled-together look, but matching my jacket to my scooter is a bit much.
Though if I had to wear head-to-toe leather duds to hop a ride on the back of this scooter, I would:

Hugh Jackman

But definitely not on either of these:

The Jonas Brothers

Don't get me wrong: I love an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" as much as any other 13 year old, but I draw the youthful obsessions line at the Jonas Brothers. :)

With all that being said, scooters are a great way to jet around town - especially in a smaller, seaside city such as ours - and it's slightly more green than trucking around in an SUV. Not to gloat, but I also laughed all the way home every day last summer when gas prices were through the roof and my little scooter was getting 70 miles to the gallon. Nonetheless, happy scooting everyone, and hope you enjoy this gorgeous day! xoxo -r.

Summer tote

Check out this adorable tote from Alphabet Bags. They have a bunch of different letters, numbers and sentiments (click on the above link to see the full line), but I like this one best. Would be great for hauling your necessities to the beach, or even as a reusable bag for the grocery store (who wouldn't rather be by the sea than grocery shopping?). (<-- Ok, scratch that, I do have an obsession with grocery shopping. [More on that to come.] But I would always like to be by the sea as well...) And at only £10 (roughly $16), it would also make a great gift for a friend with a summer birthday (or just because).



I "started" this blog on Friday evening with the thought that it would be a place to post beautiful photos, share creative craft ideas and talk about cool things I saw around me. Then, about two hours ago, I was laid off from my job. So, apologies in advance, but I'm shifting gears temporarily (we all deserve at least one day to be miserable before pulling ourselves back up and getting back out there, right?), though I promise this won't be some sad, lame, self-wrought journal place.
Perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise and allow me more time to take a look around. Good thing I started that Gratitude Journal app. on my iPhone a couple months ago! :) Hope this doesn't turn you off, whoever you may be (if anyone ever does read this little blog) - I promise to try to post some fun stuff some enough! Cheers, and good luck to everyone out there who has lost their job, or to those that still have one! xoxo -r.



Hi everyone (slash for now, just me). I am very excited to join the big, wide world of blogging. Hope you enjoy my blog, should you happen upon it.