Come see me (alternately titled "aerial dance showcase")

Photo from Lunacy Dance

People: I am performing a very quick, very amateur "piece" in a showcase for my aerial dance class. It's me and three other adults, as well as about 16 or so high-school-aged whippersnappers. Which means it will be quite absurd to see my old self (I've got 10 years on those girls!) in a leotard and leggings, trying to maneuver on a static trapeze and fabrics while 16- to 18-year-old girls fling themselves all over the place without even breaking a sweat.

Alas, if anyone wants to come see (and/or laugh and/or bring flowers/chocolate/money), it's next Saturday, June 6 at 7:00pm. My fabulous and talented teacher, Di Palumbo, may also do her piece, which I can assure you will be gorgeous. It will be held at Studio 180 on West Street in Annapolis. Be there or be square (and see you all at Greg's rooftop party in Bmore afterward.)

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