I "started" this blog on Friday evening with the thought that it would be a place to post beautiful photos, share creative craft ideas and talk about cool things I saw around me. Then, about two hours ago, I was laid off from my job. So, apologies in advance, but I'm shifting gears temporarily (we all deserve at least one day to be miserable before pulling ourselves back up and getting back out there, right?), though I promise this won't be some sad, lame, self-wrought journal place.
Perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise and allow me more time to take a look around. Good thing I started that Gratitude Journal app. on my iPhone a couple months ago! :) Hope this doesn't turn you off, whoever you may be (if anyone ever does read this little blog) - I promise to try to post some fun stuff some enough! Cheers, and good luck to everyone out there who has lost their job, or to those that still have one! xoxo -r.

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