On our recent trip to San Diego (ah, sunny paradise), B and I rode beach cruisers all over Pacific Beach with his brother and sister-in-law. It was fab. If I ever give up my scooter, or move to a beach town and get a beach cruiser bicycle instead, I want a fresh green bicycle basket like this one from Design House Stockholm. Oprah featured it in her famous "The O List" quite some time ago, and I remember ripping out the above page for my inspiration book (yes, I have a binder full of tear sheets of things I love, stop snickering). This basket is so fun. I'd also definitely need a bike bell - to warn all those people as I barreled down the street...beach cruisers are hard to steer!

Friends and family, if I ever move to sunny CA (I'm still threatening), this would be a great going-away present. Just sayin'... Or perhaps I'll just store it in my brain as a potential gift for the next friend of mine who gets a bike (S, you don't count since you returned your beach cruiser and got a Trek instead). Enjoy all. Hope you get to go outside and ride a bike sometime this summer.

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