Still waiting... (alternately titled "crazy for ikat")

Listen, Target, I don't want to complain - and don't get me wrong, we all know I love me some Tar-jay - but I'm ready for your fab, fab slipcovered chairs to go on sale. At only $299.99, they're already a steal, but I don't know how thrilled B would be if I brought home an (only slightly possibly needed) ikat slipper chair. Given my current job status, I might need to wait a bit...or just until these go on sale...if ever. I've been eying up these puppies for several months now, waiting for a great sale (beyond the 15% off orders over $125 that Target already has going on), but to no avail. Isn't it time to knock these down a bit, Target? How does $150 sound? $200?

Give me a call if you want to chat, Tarj. I'd be happy to hop on a plane to Minneapolis anytime you want. I hear it's lovely in the Spring (and amend that last sentence - let's limit trips to non-winter months please).

Regardless, I'm love, love, loving Target's home goods (check out the similarly fab headboards here) and, as always, their uncanny ability to knock off the best stuff and do it really well. Take a look at similar fabric samples from Calico Corners - look familiar?

That green bird print in the middle is a dead ringer for Target's rendition (I guess it's actually the other way around though):

Love it. Keep up the good work, Target. xoxo -r.

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