Photo Booth

I'm putting it out there right now: If I ever get married (stop shaking and sweating, B, this isn't really about that), I want a photo booth for the reception. I promise to be laid-back about the wedding in general (big props to my friend, Sarah, who is the most laid-back bride ever!), but this is one thing I am willing to go all bridezilla about.

I love photo booths. I've always loved them. It reminds me of being a kid and getting photo strips with my family from the photo booth in the Boston Children's Museum. (Which, I recently read, was removed during the new renovation. Boo hoo!)

It also should be noted that I would want an old-fashioned photo booth that produces photos like the ones above - on a strip of four, without the couple's name below, and nice and grainy. It makes it look authentic, and best of all, the overlit, soft focus makes you look good! :) Also, I think the new, digital ones are a bit cheesy (not that I'd be complaining, and my apologies to anyone who used a new, digital photo booth).

Photo above from Brett Ratner's book (yes, he's a director, but he also created this cool book of photo booth photo strips, available on Amazon here).

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