Burn, baby, burn

Since we live in such a great city, we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Annapolis has a lot of great bars and restaurants with outdoor seating, which we love. However, being a bit of a wuss, I don't like getting chilly at night (nor am I a fan of schlepping around a hoodie, poncho or Snuggie). Yes, I do carry a cardi or light jacket with me most of the time, but I think these venues should help me out a bit. Enter these brilliant outdoor patio heaters from Kindle. Much cooler than the standard silver heater you've seen sold in hardware megastores, this stylish propane "glowing" number is awesome.

It may look a bit odd on its own, but check it out on this cool rooftop lounge:

Would be great for any bar or restaurant, or even for a tent wedding - or better yet in my own backyard.


  1. I want to thank you for seeing the vision we had when we created these wonderful pieces. We love to see how people respond to our vision of bringing form and fuction together to create atmosphere and beauty where none existed before. We welcome your comments and hope you will visit our site to see more of what we are doing in the outdoor space.
    Thanks for the blog, cheers...
    David Managing Director KindleLiving.com

  2. We are so excited and thankful to you for helping spread the word. We at Kindle Living aimed to revolutionize the previous ho-hum tradition of outdoor patio heaters into sculptural objets boasting equal parts style and functionality. The Kindle Heater sets the tone for a modern redo of an outdated standard intended to move seamlessly from traditional to contemporary settings. Please visit us at www.KindleLiving.com and see more.
    With gratitude,
    Arturo Fis