Dirty 30 (plus one) Club

This Thirty-ish candles are high-larious. And since I'm fast-approaching the age where I'd actually need these (yikes!), I'm cataloging this sussy and adding it to ye old wish list.

Good thing too, because I was planning to be "29" for the next couple of years, so at least these "Thirty-ish" candles will help keep me honest. You know, gotta keep it real. ;)

In case you, too, are encroaching upon "cougar" status, you can get your very own set of candles here.

Editor's note: I just found out the same company also makes candles that read Don't Ask, Lost Count, as well as simply You're Old (my personal fave). Or - if you're feeling really daring - they also have ones that read 21 Again (ballsy).

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