Belated holidays

Uhhh, I may be a touch late here, but I wanted to wish you all a happy holidays! (Let's just pretend that we're not in a totally different year by now, okay?). I hope you all had a wonderful Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the like.

B and I traveled to Phila (sadly, no cheesesteaks this time around); hauled gifts; exchanged said gifts; and did a lot of relaxing with family. 'Twas lurvely.

How was yours?

And before I forget, I have one special holiday shout-out in the form of the coolest pic ever. Val, this one's for you:

Blazow. (Yup, that's a word.) You can thank me later. ;)

Images via: 1- Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins, 2 and 3- Habitually Chic, 4- The Lil Bee

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