Let your hair down...then put it up

Image via Sweet Nothings

This summer I was inspired by braids (probably because my hair felt so hot on my neck!) so I did a whole round-up of different kinds of braids (here). Last March I fell for a fishtail braid that made its wearer look like a mermaid (here). Fickle hair admirer? Perhaps.

Maybe the formality of the holidays is still upon me, or the romance of the upcoming Valentine's Day has enticed me, but right now I'm loving an updo. Whether it's a bit undone (bordering on sloppy) or a perfectly chic chignon, all of the below updos look just so elegant to me.
Image via {this is glamorous}

Image via {wit + delight}, as spotted on ink and post

Image via hanneli

Image via it's mary ruffle

Now someone hand me some red wine (so I can channel my Parisian spirit), some hairpins and a teasing comb, STAT!


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