A video about bacon & one about life

I know some of you can't check out videos during the day while you're at work, but these two are totally worth sneaking under your desk or checking out at lunch. One's hilarious and one's pretty interesting. I suggest you to watch both. (Or at least video #2 - and you scan it quickly if needed.)

First up, this little guy is verrrry upset about having his junk food cleaned out of the fridge (by his temporary mom on Wife Swap). His reaction is kinda priceless:

In case you can't see embedded YouTube videos (iPhoners!), here's the link.

Next, an interesting look at a controversial question. Don't be scared: it's not offensive or political; it's just fascinating to see what a huge change occurs in these peoples' thinking after just one follow-up question:

Here's the link if you can't see the embedded YouTube video above - go take a look, pretty please!


Video 1 via I Suwanee; video 2 via Roblahblog.

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