While we're on the subject of Maine...

Lest you think - from reading my daily musings on fashion, design and home goods - that I'm just a frilly, sissy, only-types-with-manicured-nails, style blogger who never gets her hands dirty, here's proof that I'm actually an outdoorsy, DIY kinda girl:

See that stone wall? B and I built it. With our bare hands. And a wheelbarrow (whatevs, I loaded those rocks into said wheelbarrow with my bare hands so it counts, right?). How very rustic of us.

Guess I do indeed have some Irish potato-picking, toil-in-the-field genes in me somewhere. ;)

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  1. Patrick used to build those walls in Newport. He says, "It looks nothing like a potato field, and your wall is crooked." JK! He says, "looks good. Is Rachel Irish?"