The scent of Maine (hint: it's not lobstah)

All this rain has me thinking of Maine...

Photo by Anne McClain for MCMC Fragrances

There are several specific places in the world that feel magical to me. New Zealand was one of the first places that spoiled me day after day with sheer amazement of the natural beauty that abounded everywhere. The Amalfi Coast of Italy made me squeal at every turn as we Vespa-ed around the gorgeous (and steep!) mountainous seaside. Cape Cod feels like home and nostalgia and happiness wrapped into neat summer packages. And the coast of Maine to me sings of relaxation, fresh air, and the sea.

My aunt owns a house near Boothbay Harbor, Maine, that is all at once beautiful, inspiring and creaky (it is over 100 years old, after all). The cheery blue ceiling of the huge wraparound porch beckons you to relax the moment you walk in. The back looks out onto the water, and the sounds of seagulls and lobstermen conjure up classic American novels and old whaling stories. I love it there.

We don't get up to Maine very often due to work, schedules, etc., but I just read about a possible new lifeline - it's a perfume called "Maine." It's made with sage, seaweed, beach plum and pine. I wonder if they were able to bottle the crisp sea air.

Originally spotted on A Cup of Jo.


  1. thanks for the heads-up on this amazing fragrance company. I wish they had a set with each scent. they all sound amazing!

  2. I know, Casey, don't they look awesome? Let me know if you end up trying this in real life - I'd love to hear how it really smells. :) Thanks for commenting! -r.

  3. Wow. The Rachel and Brian wall still stands perfectly. And Maine loves you. Come visit more often. Of course, it has to be in 2011 since the Island closes up for the winter on October 12th.

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  5. Hi Gabrielle, thanks for letting me/us know about these cool bags. Very nautical, very Maine!