Fall festivities?

I've been itching to host a party recently, but didn't have a specific occasion. I still don't, but this branch place setting seems kind of pitch-perfect for a fall fete. I need to start digging around in my inspiration folder to come up with some more fall festivities images and maybe we'll host something after all... (Uh, I guess I should have done this first: is that okay with you, B?)

Photo by Gemma Comas, as spotted on Sara's Party Perfect.


  1. So pretty! And I'm so glad you're back! I get so excited whenever I see you posted something new!!!

  2. Hi, V! Thanks for the comment! I love it too - maybe you could come visit and we could co-host a soiree...but no jello shots this time. ;)
    We need to hang soon - miss you a ton!
    xoxo, R