Bicycle built for two

While we're on this wedding idea kick (stop sweating, B, it's just a quick trip!), here's one more thing I just had to share.

Isn't there something so sweet about including a bicycle in a wedding?

I'm not sure what it is - whether it's the down home-y-ness or the quaint feeling or just because I'm kind of an outdoorsy girl - but I think they're so adorable.

(It doesn't hurt that these people are model-perfect):

See? Cute, I tell ya!

Photo credits: 1- via Mary Ruffle, 2- by Jose Villa, 3- by Dana Grant, via from Hello to Hitched.

That concludes the wedding portion of our program. Posts will now return to your normally scheduled content (or whatever you want to call the odd menagerie of things I usually post here!). ;)

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