So Romantic (and Joey makes a break)

Is this not the best-looking ensemble (and best-dressed, to boot) that you've seen in a while? It's the cast of the upcoming movie, The Romantics, and they're all clothed in allll J. Crew. Yep. Hot and well-dressed. Bitches. (jk)

Best part? It looks like Katie Holmes might have temporarily evaded the "clutches of crazy" (lookin' at you, T-Cruisey). Doesn't she look much more normal here? I almost see a slight sparkle of "Joey Potter" in her again. Case in point - she actually looks like she's having fun in this pic:

Photo via Just Jared

And here she looks just adorable:

This cast could not be more cute. Here are the ladies:

(Though not sure why the other star - Anna Paquin - was missing from this shoot - maybe because she was filming True Blood?)

And here are the boys:

Anyway, back to Joey Potter. I'm glad Tom let her out of her cage. Or that mountain where the aliens are trapped. She looks happy here:

And she appears to be consuming a sugary cupcake here. I'm not sure if that's allowed...

She probably had to get E-metered immediately afterward.

I keed, I keed. :)

I'm sure T.C. has a sense of humor as well. Just check this out for evidence.

Regardless, the movie itself looks cute. I doubt we'll see it in the theater (I pride myself in being a nice girlfriend who does not drag her boyfriend to chick flicks...though I do drag him to break-dancing movies [Step Up 1 & 2, what?]), but I will def be RedBox-ing it eventually.

Welcome back, Kotter Potter!

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