Happy 5771!

To everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah, here's wishing you a very sweet new year! (And perhaps some delicious honey-glazed cake like the one above, which comes from - who else? - the shiksa queen Martha Stewart [as spotted on the completely un-goyisha Amy Atlas' blog]).

In case you were wondering the significance of a honey-glazed cake, it is traditional to eat something sweet, such as honey, usually paired with apple. The round apple signifies the world, which was thought to start on this day, and the honey is for a sweet new year.

This holiday is nice not only for the sweets we're supposed to eat (hooray!), but also for the idea that (after Yom Kippur), the book is said to be closed on the past year and a another year starts anew. So with that sentiment in mind, let's bid 5770 adieu and head into 5771 with a totally fresh start.

Image via Yes and Yes

Happy New Year!

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