Whipped cream gets boozy

Here's my last post having to do with our fading summer season and the just-passed holiday weekend, I swear. After this, it's officially fall in my book - though the stuff in this post could work at any time of year I suppose...

Have you all heard about all these new "adult beverage" options for whipped cream? I have no idea where this new trend came from, but all of a sudden I'm seeing whipped cream and alcohol paired together everywhere.

Enter example number one: Pinnacle whipped cream vodka.

We bought it. We tried it. It's delicious.

Pair it with ginger ale and it tastes like a cream soda; pair it with orange juice and a splash of ginger and it's a spot-on creamsicle. Mmmm.

Best part? The big bottle is only $12.99 and I hear that Pinnacle is made by the same people who make Grey Goose. Ooh la la - could it be true? All I know (and care about, really) is that it's yummy... and slightly dangerous, so consider this your warning!

And, as if whipped cream vodka wasn't good enough on its own, I recently saw (on roblahblog) another bevy option, this time in topper form. Cream is an alcohol-infused whipped cream. Say what? It comes in a can and needs no refrigeration, even after it's opened (slightly scary). Cream comes in several different flavors like vanilla, caramel, chocolate, orange and a few other flavors, with more coming.


I think I'm developing a hangover just writing about all these options....

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  1. I went right out and bought a bottle as a housewarming gift for a friend - we tried it with oj - YUM!!!