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The ever-adorable and brilliant Joy creates some awesome "this & that" posts over on her blog, Oh Joy! Each "this & that" post includes a fashion wear and a home/life item that echo each other in some way, and they're always perfectly paired.

Here's a cute stripey example:

Original post here.

And one in plaid:

Original post here.

In an homage to Joy's creativity, I was inspired to make a match of my own. When I saw an amazing homemade wedding dress (based on a vintage dress form, to boot) recently, it sparked an image in my head of some Vera Wang note cards I had seen at Paper Source. The two sort of reminded me of each other, each with their vintage-y, doily-inspired feel, and a "this & that" of my own was born:

Wear this sweet eyelet dress, write a lovely note with that note set.

What do y'all think? It was kind of fun to make, actually! I just hope I'm doing Joy justice and not shaming her. :) I love the idea of the "this & that" - thanks for the inspiration, Oh Joy!

(And isn't that homemade wedding dress amazing?!?)

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