B&R go to the baseball park

Let's put this out there now: I am a Red Sox fan. B worships the Phillies. It's okay - they play nicely together (they're in different leagues and very rarely do they play each other). The Phils have already clinched the NL East division championship and no one really cares about the Nats (sorry, it's kind of true), so B was able to score some really good tickets to last night's game for pretty cheap.

Behold, our clutch seats:

Is it wrong that I was most excited about the tailgating and eating a ballpark hot dog? (Which, for the record, I did, along with french fries and beer, capped off with Cracker Jacks. Ouch.)

The game was a quick one - the Nats won, 2-1 - but we had a really good time hanging out and enjoying the amazing early-Fall weather.

Thanks for the tix, babe. I had a blast!

(Please excuse the mediocre iPhone pics and the slight mushiness...)