Fashionable finds for fall

Photo from Banana Republic Fall 2010

As promised, I'm doing my best to banish thoughts of sunny, sunny summertime and focus on fall. It is definitely helping that the weather has cooled down a bit and is even slightly chilly at night.

Fall always makes me think of back to school, a new season, a new start, and therefore...shopping! But, since I'm supposed to be on a shopping hiatus (damn you, recession!), I've cut back my shopping habits from slightly maniacal to none or to strictly budget finds only.

I've scoped out a few great picks for the fall - all on trend and all cheeeeap - so I thought I'd share a few of them with you....But not all, since I've got to have some tricks up my sleeve still, right? (Tricks of the "yes, I got this at Nordstrom" as I hide the $13 F21 tag variety...) ;)

With fall here, I'm just waiting for the rains to start any day. But since we still have quite a few outdoor activities on the books (the MRE Tug of War, concerts at Merriweather, football games, etc.), some sturdy but comfy boots are in order.

I'm kind of obsessed with the Hunter boot / Jimmy Choo collaboration and one of its offspring, the Carnaby Boa Tall in black:

I am not obsessed with the $250 price tag.

However, Payless to the rescue:

Project Runway designer Christian Siriano has created a damn good knockoff for only 50 bucks. Looks pretty darn close, right?

For the clothes themselves, trends like neutrals, ladylike style and menswear are all huge for fall 2010, so a classic tan trench is a clutch piece (also good for the aforementioned coming rain). I'm not sure I really need a trench, but this one from H&M is very nearly perfect and it's only 35 dollars:

I kind of want to go there today and snap this up before everyone else in Annapolis scoops me on this good find!

I would work it like this:

Olivia Palermo is a silly, silly biotch, but she can rock an outfit like none other. That look is so yummy I could die.

Another H&M score that falls right in line with the fall trends - animal print being huge again this year - is this cute and cheap cardi for 25 bucks:

Screenshot from the Today Show, as found on Full House.

Going back to Payless, I can't tell if these "shooties" by Lela Rose are awesome or kind of crazy:

I think they'd look really good with tights (or maybe even over-the-knee socks) and they're definitely on point with the trends, but I might look like a wacko wearing them...

I'm also tempted to try the faux fur vest layered with other stuff look or over-the-knees socks (with a skirt or shorts, duh), but I couldn't find any good pics to illustrate the look. Maybe that should be a good clue for me not to try them...

Have you scooped up any fun new finds for fall? Any amazing bargains or steals we should all know about?

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