Beautiful bike hanger

Say bye-bye to the days of simply leaning your bike up against a wall (ours are jammed into corners), only to have it fall over inconveniently, or hanging your bike on those industrial yellow hooks to get it out of the way. The bike shelf from Knife & Saw is an elegant take on getting your bikes off the floor, but with a stylish and functional touch.

The hanger is plenty sturdy as it's suspended on a solid steel rod mount, the top can act as a shelf, and the gorgeous solid wood finish is an asset, not an eyesore.

The bike shelf is pretty spendy at $270 or $300, depending on the wood (ash or walnut, respectively), but it's quite lovely... B, wanna take on a little construction project? If so, I'll take two, please. ;)

Originally spotted on pretty pretty paper.

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