Retroactive have a great weekend!

Photo via Mary Ruffle

Wellll, I'm just a wee bit (*cough*) late in wishing you all a happy weekend (considering the weekend will officially be over in an hour!), but I wanted to do so anyway. Our weekend was a whirlwind of travel, football, and my sweet B's birthday (happy {undisclosed age}, love!), so I'm a little late in getting to it. But I hope your days off were great regardless!

B and I drove up to Penn State on Friday evening to see his sister, her new baby and the fam, and to tailgate for the PSU/Temple game Saturday afternoon. I desperately wanted to bring these fun new Oreos (spotted on Jaimee Rose's fun blog) - they're in the shape of footballs, people! Fun with a capital F! - but after running around town and searching for them in six - count 'em six - stores, I realized they were nowhere to be found around Naptown. B's sis informs me they're sold out throughout Penn State as well. Boo hoo. Aren't they cute though? And the perfect Sunday football snack?

Photos from Jaimee Rose


So my early-Fall dreams of the perfect tailgate are only slightly dashed (we somehow managed to deal without these Oreos and had a lot of fun anyway, in case you were wondering). There are many more weeks of football (ugh, oh so many) ahead and at least a few more beautiful Indian summer-like days in the forecast as well.

As Monday rolls around, here's wishing you a wonderful week (and dreams of Oreos?).

xoxo, r.


  1. Found them at Target on Monday afternoon! They must have gotten a shipment in after the weekend. Bought them and they are delicious. However, they did not last until the weekend to eat while watching football.


  2. Yes! Glad you scored some. We still don't have any here in Annapolis, but my lovely mother found them in Columbia and snapped up two packs for us. (Ah, the power of a blog.) Can't wait to try them in real life!

    And let's all wish KK a happy birthday today! :)