Hanging pretty

I'm totally about to out myself here.

No, no, I'm not about to tell you all about some secret lovechild or a trashy tattoo or even an obsession with crap TV (okay, that last one was true). No, really I'm kicking myself for sharing this amazing find because I was planning to buy it for all my friends who are getting married in the near future (ahem, first up: Sara and Dan) and now they'll all know about this. Boo. Oh well, they'll still like it, right? (Or maybe someone will buy one for me some day...)

What I'm blathering on about is this adorable custom wedding dress hanger:

For only 25 dinero, you can have a custom hanger made with the couples' names (joined with a plus, ampersand or heart), a word or phrase, or the bride's new name. Wouldn't this be the cutest shower or day-of gift? And 25 bucks isn't too shabby for something custom.

Plus, I'm loving the photo opps:

The hangers are available to buy from Lila Frances on Etsy here (originally spotted via Sweet Nothings). I'm also thinking these would be really sweet for the birth of a baby, especially since she makes them in smaller hanger sizes for only $15 (here). Cuteness!

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