Dance-off: Les Grossman shakes it with J. Lo

Photo courtesy of MTV

I used to think Tom Cruise was an overzealous, couch-jumping, fake-marrying, aliens-stuck-in-volcanoes-believing weirdo - and he very well might still be. But, after his performance on the MTV Movie Awards - as "Hollywood mega mogul" Les Grossman, his character from Tropic Thunder - I'm willing to give him a little more credence. I mean, he performed a dance duet with J. Lo and gave her a run for her money on the booty-shakin'. That deserves some props.

Do yourself a favor and take a look yourself (note: T-Cruise is in heavy costume as "Les Grossman" - but rest assured, it's him alright - don't you recognize some of the hot-stepping from Risky Business?).

In case you can't view embedded videos, click here.

So what do you think? Not bad, right? T. Pain T. Cruise has won back a few points in my book. Thankfully, because that Xenu business really freaks me out....


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