Quickest weekend ever, but berry, berry good

This weekend was a blur. I felt like it was over before it even got started. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that we were in four cities (and two states) in two days, including making a mid-night drive from PA to MD on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Ah, the life of a baseballer's wife girlfriend. I've since felt like I needed a few days to recuperate. Today is sunny (and hotttt) and I'm feeling a bit more recharged, so here I am, back on the interwebs!

Ignoring the terrifying things from this weekend like the giant cheesesteak I consumed, a whirlwind bachelorette night on the town, visiting a 12-day-old baby that looked like an old man, and the aforementioned drive through the night, I do have one lovely memory from Saturday afternoon: raspberry picking.

B's dad is a prolific organic gardener, with a backyard that yields all kinds of delicious things. Is it possible that I've been alive this many years and I never knew about golden raspberries?

Photo from Dabbles with Apples

We picked them right off the bush and ate them, standing there in the middle of the backyard. They were so sweet and huge.

When we got back to Annapolis, I promptly went to the grocery store Sunday evening and bought a slew of berries. I couldn't find golden raspberries in my crapola Giant (especially on a Sunday - I think their produce comes in on Mondays - oops), but the regular raspberries I got were pretty good too.

Photo from Inchmark

Mmm. We've already demolished the entire stash of berries, but I'm planning to buy more soon, and in the meantime, I'm still thinking about those golden raspberries, fresh off the bush. (Perhaps a Whole Foods trip is in order...)

Thank you, summer. I've been waiting for you and your bounty of berries.


  1. we've had those raspberries since i was a kid, and i still get frustrated when thinking about my second-grade teacher who did not believe me when i said our raspberries are yellow. she claimed such things did not exist. 22 years later that still bugs me...

    i posted about ours here:


    along with other fancy yellow stuff...

    it's a month at least before raspberry season is upon us, but i still have a few frozen ones left from last summer's haul. actually just took a bag to defrost yesterday. smoothie time.

  2. Wow, the photos of your golden raspberries are amazing - and your bushes yield so many! That's incredible. And now I'm totally thinking about golden raspberries AND smoothies....mmmm.