Inspired by... feet?

Before you get all weirded out, let me make this clear that this is not some foot-fetish kind of post. I'm realllly not into feet, but something about the below photo stopped me:

Isn't it beautiful? Maybe it's just the former dancer in me, but those feet are somehow so graceful. With them as an inspiration, I dug up a few more photos to help me get moving on this gray Wednesday. Hope you like 'em (and that you're not grossed out by the feet-as-inspiration...). :)

Doesn't this make you want to head out and dance the night away?

This one's a little cheesy, but if you scroll down, her bottom foot is actually pretty pretty.

But that may just be a dancer talking...

Speaking of, I need to remember to set my DVR for SYTYCD tonight!

Sources: photo 1- Mary Ruffle; photos 2&3- The Beauty File

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