Not too crabby

May I remind you:
"Crab cakes and football! That's what Maryland does!"
(It's from Wedding Crashers, people.)

Summer is upon us and the time is ripe for both outdoor sports and delicious Maryland blue crab. But if you don't live in Maryland or don't eat crab, you can at least wear one:

I seriously love this belt from J. Crew - it's Maryland to the core, plus if you didn't have a bottle opener around, this puppy could come in handy. Too bad it's a men's belt (hopefully it wouldn't fit me...) or I'd snap it up. It's only 58 buckaroos - I wonder if I could coerce B into wearing something this preppy?

I'm totally into how this guy styled his, all off-t0-the-side and jaunty:

Photo from 13th and Wolf

Of course you can't miss the pink shirt and madras tie he paired it with. That's preppy to the nth degree, another thing Maryland does. Yikes. Sweet belt either way you cut it though...

J. Crew belt originally spotted on Beach Bungalow 8.


  1. Turquoise MermaidJune 3, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    I don't want to rain on anyone's crabby parade, but I think that is a lobster claw, or a stone crab claw...J. Crew must have had a Virginian writing the copy, and naming the new styles, because a true Marylander would never have missed that. It's still cool, though, plus I love clothing that opens bottles when in a sticky wicket.

  2. This one makes me smile. Missin Maryland already!