Inspired by: marble

Photo by Lucas Allen, spotted on Sacramento Street

Marble is such a gorgeous mix of cool and composed yet luxurious and enticing. I've heard it's notoriously hard to care for, but with such eye appeal, how can you resist it? No wonder so many of the most amazing kitchens and bathrooms you see in magazines lean on marble so heavily.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Photo via dress, design & decor

Photo from Country Living

Photo from Elle Decor, via The City Sage

Photo from Freckles Chick

Photo from Erica of Moth Design, via Made By Girl

Photo from Erica of Moth Design, via Made By Girl

Room by Phoebe Howard, spotted via Katy Elliott

Let's not forget laundry rooms too!

Photo via decorpad

Do you like marble or think it's too cold? If I ever had A) my own home, B) a boatload of spare cash, and C) Martha Stewart as my personal cleaning lady, I'd definitely use carrera marble throughout my kitchen, baths and laundry room.

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  1. Marble is also queried out of the side of a mountain raping the natural landscape and then trucked across the country using fossil fuels. I would take a Corian composite or sustainable bamboo counters any day over granite or marble. Also, Granite contains uranium, which releases radon when it breaks down. Sorry, feeling activisty today.