Not just jiggly jello

Summer is here. I feel like I've been waiting forever for it to finally emerge. Now that it has, it's hottttt. (Not complaining, just sayin'...) On a hot, sticky day, who doesn't want something cool and refreshing?

Wouldn't this do it?

Yep, jello is no longer relegated to gross molds or for shots with vodka; this version is very high art, no? Add some Cool Whip et voila - a gorgeous dessert that's low in calories, delicious, cool and arty, too. Pretty smart.

Check out the (seemingly very easy) directions for making this awesome rainbow jello here.

Oh, and, the science aspect is fun too - there are really only blue, yellow and red layers here - the green and orange are illusions (ah, yes, I remember this from kindergarten now...).

Originally spotted on Swiss Miss.

And if you're jonesing for more rainbow treats, check out this gorgeous surprise rainbow cake (which was so popular on the interwebs, the college-student baker was even on Martha recently showing her how to make it!).

Or if you want another great jello idea, check out these fun jello-melons (not as dirty as it sounds).

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