How to be uber-chic on the cheap

Repeat after me: a knock-off Birkin bag is not the answer (duh, everyone can tell it's obvi not real - unless you're a duchess or a celebrity).

I make an exception for this bag though - and the whole idea of it in general makes me laugh - introducing the "Birkin as tote bag" bag:


(Like I said, that bag makes me laugh. It's clever.)

I spotted these fun Hermes-inspired tote bags on Bag Snob, but the author (Bag Snob Tina) didn't include a link to where you can get one for yourself - because these are evidently now back-ordered until August. Whaa? Maybe it's because they're only 45 buckaroos (as opposed to the $10,000+ price tag on a real Birkin). Extra bonus, these are much more practical for the summer.

I only wish I could get my hands on one for myself. If you're reading this, Bag Snob Tina, please, please send me the link! Pretty please? I promise I won't share it with anyone (other than on this blog...) Okay? ;)

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