It's Thursday, I'm in love...

...with a pair of shoes (sorry B, love you too...).

It's Thursday. Not quite Friday. It's midday. I'm kind of tired. How about you? In need of an afternoon wake-up? Want to know why I have a strange shoe obsession all of a sudden? Get ready for it...

Here it is: Oh holy moley, I pretty much need these shoes immediately (no wedding dress - or wedding, for that matter - required):

Aren't they amazing? The pop of the bride's red pedi with the gorgeous gold bows makes me swoon. Screw the puffy white dress, I'd wear these to go jogging, to fill the car with gas, to the office, anywhere. (This sounds familiar...)

Here's an even better shot of these Valentino peeptoe beauties:
Photos by Aaron Delesie, via {this is glamorous}.

B- leave this site and go to espn.com now. Ladies- take a deep breath, wipe the shoe-induced drool off your chin, and then go here for more pics of this incredible wedding. Yowza. You can thank me later. :)

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  1. Stunning shoes...stunning wedding dress... stunning wedding...stunning flowers (peonies?!)