Bagatelles & Co.

We're heading to a wedding this weekend (baaack to Phila), so I've been plotting my outfit. Given the current (and oh-so-fun) economic situation, I'll be wearing one of the dresses I already own - which is totally fine, since I own 8 gajillion (yes, that is a technical term) dresses from the 11 weddings we attended in the past two years (true story). Not one to do a full repeat, I'm looking for something to mix things up a bit. Accessories to the rescue.

I'm thinking of adding a belt and maybe a cardi for the ceremony, and of course, I'll layer on scads of baubles to make it fun and festive. I won't be buying a new purse, but if I had a few extra duckets (42 to be exact), I'd snap up one of these adorable purses from Bagatelles & Co. to compliment the ensemble.

At only 42 bucks and offered in a plethora of adorable patterns, wouldn't they make excellent gifts? (I'm thinking they'd be the perfect bridesmaids gifts.) Aren't they sweet and fun?

(And don't you love my excessive use of parentheticals in this post??)

Originally spotted via With This Ring.

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