Jump for joy...

Photo by Rodney Smith

Amazing news: the police recovered my scooter!

My poor scoot scoot is definitely worse for the wear - because it's been hot-wired, it turns on just fine, but doesn't actually turn off (I was standing there, key in hand in the police station parking lot, having turned the key and removed it from the ignition, and couldn't figure out why the bike was still running! thank goodness for the kill switch!), there is some damage to the body and paint job (which was custom and may not be reparable), the headlamp is broken and the license plate was ripped off brutishly, but it's in one piece and runs, so I'm not (really) complaining!

I am so thankful. I was semi-convinced I would never see it again (since poor B had his stolen and it never came back). To those of you that called, emailed, texted me or left a comment here, thank you so much for your kind words and well-wishes. I am so happy to have le scooter back!

I honestly want to do cartwheels:

Photo by Ericka McConnell

I'm off bright and early tomorrow morning to take the scooter to a motorcycle/scooter place to see if they can fix it (and how much it's going to cost me), so one more bout of good juju would be great. ;) Here's hoping the blue scoot is back on the road soon enough!

Thank you all again! xoxo, r.


  1. Yay!! Hooray.

  2. YAY! So so happy. Ye of little faith. Way to go Annapolis Po-po!