Stolen scooter

Friends, my scooter was stolen today (while we weren't home) from in front of our condo building - despite the three locks that were intertwined through the brakes/front wheel and attached to the metal railing of our building's front stairs. I've filed a police report but there are no guarantees that they'll ever find it; scooters are a hot item (especially in the summertime) and very easy to lift/hotwire (although I had hoped all those locks were a deterrent). Who knew they'd be able to take the scooter - locks, cover, helmet and all - in one fell swoop in broad daylight?

I've sent out a tweet about it to the webiverse and asked others to retweet (this is that tweet), just to get the info out and around town. Another scooter similar to mine was stolen from our neighborhood (one court over) last night and the police found it this evening. Some people a few neighborhoods away saw some guys trying to hotwire a scooter, thought it seemed odd and called the cops, so they were able to retrieve it safe and sound.

I'm kind of hoping to luck into a similar scenario if I get the word out around Annapolis and people know to look out for my impossible-to-miss, custom-painted baby blue scooter, but I don't think I'm that lucky of a person. I'm not sure they'll ever find mine. I don't know whether to resign to the fact that it's likely gone forever in case that's the truth or to hold out hope that they'll find it. I don't want to jinx myself or get my hopes up... I'm just sad in general right now (and out a ride to work - since parking downtown is prohibitively expensive, vs. parking your scooter in your office for free).

Sorry to be such a debbie-downer, but I wanted to share A) what's going on and B) why I might not get posts in today (working, searching, kickball semi-finals, checking in with police, etc.). If you could send good juju my way it'd be much appreciated. Thanks all.


  1. found your blog through younghouselove comments and realized that you live in naptown! we just moved back after being away for 8 years...i hope that you find your scooter!!! its unnerving isn't it! do you have a bike or some other form of transportation to get you downtown - i hope! peace, esther (www.esthersmoments.blogspot.com)

  2. Wow. So sorry to hear about your scooter. Good thoughts coming to you that it will be found and returned without harm.

  3. I am putting out to the universe the positive thought that your scooter will be found in good shape and returned to you asap....

  4. Hi Esther, welcome back to Maryland! I hope my scooter theft wasn't too jarring on your recent return. Thanks for the good thoughts, though, and for stopping by here at S*L*S!

  5. That is awful! I am so sorry that someone would do that. It has to turn up - who could mistake the baby blue?!?