A first birfffday

Good Monday morning, y'all! I've been away for a short bit. Didja miss me?

I didn't get to say this last week when the day passed, but sea*life*style just had its 1st birthday. Happy little birthday to you, bloggy!

I can't believe it's been a year. Whew!

It was kind of a rough time for that milestone to occur (being that my two jobs have made me a sporadic poster at best) so I didn't mention the b-day at the time, but I wanted to at least acknowledge it now and give a quick thank you to those of you who have been reading thus far. I hope you're still enjoying, and do please feel free to comment with suggestions (or gripes) at any time - I love hearing from you all!

And with that being said, I'm tucking into a nice big slice of delicious cake while I write some new posts for you all to read.

Hope to see you back here soon!

xo, r.

Beautiful photos by Jamie from From Me To You.


  1. Happy Birthday S*L*S! Thanks for the great content and wit.

  2. happy birthday!
    you're a daily read. i'm very chatty in rl so i choose to keep my online self super quiet but just to let you know, i'm here and i like your blog
    keep on !

  3. Hey, Katie and Bsween, thanks so much for your sweet bday wishes! And Katie, so happy to hear you're reading (even if quietly). :)

  4. I have been reading all along! I can't believe it has been a year! It's truely a notable accomplishment. The world through you eyes makes me smile.