Chic chambray

Do you go through phases with fashion where sometimes you feel really inspired and are totally into shopping and dressing well, and then other times you could literally live in the same pair of sweatpants for 14 days in a row? Well I am currently on day 12 if that gives you any indication of my current state of fashion...

I just wasn't feeling the summer trends I've been seeing (I am so over 80s, granny boots, rockabilly and gladiators!), but I think I can get on board with this:

Photo from Marie Claire France, June 2010, via The City Sage

Photo of Emily wearing J. Crew's chambray shirt from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Normally I'd say a denim shirt might veer a bit too closely to the ever-terrifying Canadian tuxedo look for me, but when paired with these short, short, super-hot skirts, I'm loving the look. Especially photo number 1. (Let's be honest, model wins over real girl any day, even if the "real girl" is super-stylin' Emily. and I hope I don't get hate mail for saying that about models...it's true though...sadly...)

I think the denim chambray shirt might be just the thing for this spring, and I could dress it up (hello, hot skirt shown above) or dress it down. And I promise I won't wear it with my sweatpants... I hope.

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