123, you & me (vintage aluminum numbers & letters)

Three, two, one - it's almost Memorial Day weekend - woohoo! And yet these numbers aren't just a countdown to the holiday weekend (aka the official start of summer - yesss!), they're actually really cool stand-up vintage aluminum numbers.

There are letters too:

These are obviously being shown with a wedding in mind, but I think they could be cool for lots of things. How about on your desk, or one letter for each guest at a dinner party, or even on the wall above a coat hook to delineate your kids' belongings?

For some reason the font choice is so appealing to me. I especially love the ampersand:

Sets of these vintage numbers or letters are available to buy on Etsy (just use the links to the left). Can you think of some other cool uses for these? Or are you too busy counting down to Memorial Day? ;)

Originally spotted on d. Sharp Journal.

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