Help needed: curtain call

The last time I asked for help from you all regarding home decor (remember my shell question?), I got some hard answers. Namely, don't waste my money on a giant shell if I didn't need it. And you all were so right. (I haven't bought either of the giant shell options, btw.)

Well, readers, I need your help again! This time the question pertains to my windows. I'm realllly not a curtain person - we've never had them, we don't really need them (top-floor condo, baby!), and I just don't really know how to pick them - plus we're renters.

Anyway, our living room has been feeling a little bland to me lately, and I thought some fun curtains would be a good way to bring in some color and pattern without too much effort (and without bringing in any more throw pillows - I'm still banned by B).

I saw these Augustine panels at Crate and Barrel the other day and loved the colors. The palette would work well with our current furniture and accessories, but I'm not sure if they're too flower-y/grandma-ish. Plus, I've never had curtains, so this just weirds me out a bit in general.

What do you think?

I love the close-up view:

And here's a very, very close-up view to show you the pretty palette:

But I'm just not sure about the look when zoomed out:

Does it get a bit more granny chic? Because that's not the look I'm going for - at all.

So, peeps, whaddya think? Please comment with any thoughts - naughty, nice or otherwise - I really do want your feedback!

Thanks in advance! :)
xo, r.


  1. I think they are gorgeous, BUT it really depends on your decor. If it's not sophisticated-to-the-point-of-ironic also, then they will look, as you put it, "granny-like."

  2. I don't love them! I think they're a bit dark. If you're looking to add something colorful, I picture something more like beige-y turquoise sheers for your place! Or, IKEA has printed sheers that will still let the light in:


    Maybe not those in particular, but something like that?!?

  3. I say no to the curtains. They remind me of the awful floral wallpaper my mom put up in the kitchen years ago. Thank god she took it down. Just too much.

  4. Not into them either. Light colors, tiffany blue, turquoise, etc. are more your colors. As evidence I point to the color-themes in most of your posts.