The Hipsters did it!

Coming home from Mother's Day dinner last night (hope you all had a good one, and a good weekend!), B and I stopped to put gas in the car. In my old home town of Columbia, MD, I observed a slew of hipster high school boys hanging out at the BP gas station in their brand-spankin'-new-but-meant-to-look-old kicks, paired with ironic t-shirts and hipster haircuts. So many hipsters around these days. I think this tee is hilarious:

Spotted here and available here.

And in case you're completely out of touch, or just slightly confused about what a hipster is, here is a bingo card slash cheatsheet:

Unknown source.

Watch out for those hipsters! ;)


  1. Oh jeez. I had kinda hoped hipsterdom was a trend that would never reach Columbia, MD. Clearly, that hope has been dashed.....

  2. http://www.latfh.com/