Breaking the rules

Photo by Cass Bird for Paper magazine, via Aubrey Road

I once read - on another, much more established, very popular blog - that one of the most boring things to do on a blog is to apologize for not posting consistently. Oh and posting about what you ate or are currently eating is supposed to be a no-no as well (but I routinely break that because, hey, I want to know what you're eating too! Feel free to share, b-t-dubs).

Well, I'm going to break that apology rule right now and just say: My Bad. Between work, traveling, baby showers, friends, family, kickball, life - blah blah blah - I got busy. Aren't we all though?

But anyway, the point is that I'm BACK. Didja miss me? :)

Real posts to come shortly...


  1. i like your blog. i check it daily
    no apologies necessary
    i'm eating cheese

  2. I didn't miss you because I was in Arizona. Yup, that's right, the state where hate thrives. Ugh. But since you're back and I love hearing about what you eat, I'll let you know that I had a cup of coffee and an apple and am currently scrounging the office for other edibles so that I don't have to go to the grocery store. (PS- I actually miss you all the time, but I gotta play it cool or risk losing my street cred.)

  3. Hi Katie, thanks so much for the comment and glad to hear from you! Also, I love me some cheese too, so glad to hear you were partaking. :)

    Lauren, aww, thanks girlie! (And had no idea you had any street cred to start. May I remind you you're from Bubbletown, USA?) :)