Bringing the outside in: wrap-up

With spring in full swing, I keep noticing all the beautiful greenery that seems to be popping out all over the place. (Thank goodness I don't have allergies!) Today I came across another gorgeous "plant table" on sfgirlbybay and was about to share it. It's not outdoor greenery, but it is indoor greenery at its best.

Funnily enough, sfg's plant table was inspired by one from Lonny mag, which I featured here back in October of last year. Since I was already sharing another indoor plant set-up, I thought I'd do one final round-up of all the gorgeous indoor garden scenarios I've come across and love. So, without further ado, enjoy this collection of verdant indoor pics (and then get outside and enjoy it in real life!):

I love that this (photo above) was inspired by this (photo below):




Aren't they all so pretty? They make me want to run out and buy a plant table or supplies for a greenhouse window post-haste. Oh wait, we've already got a ton of plants in our guest room window. Well then, I guess I can just breathe deep and enjoy the purified-by-plants air I'm breathing. Happy Spring, y'all!

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