Night driving / still sleeping

Peeps. Since I didn't get in until 3am last night (no, I wasn't partying it up; I was doing this) and didn't get to bed until even later, I am currently trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep before I have to run off to work. I will hopefully be able to post something later this evening, but for now, I am either napping or working. So tired. (It was worth it though.)

I will leave you with this in the meantime:

Last night, driving home at 3am on my scooter, I was actually able to notice all the smells throughout town. During the day I never get this sensation, and I certainly don't get to breathe it in that way when driving in the car (even if the windows are down).

Luckily, this ain't no NYC, so the smells weren't too bad - it was really more the smell of the bay breeze, a neighbor's plants and flowers, or trees in different parts of town. It was so nice to absorb the slightly chilly air as I zipped home, alone on the road and with no headlights in sight.

However, I did smell one particularly heinous tree - I believe some call it, ahem, a "semen tree"? My friend Jess thinks it's a ginkgo tree. Whatever it is, it's nasty. Luckily, not much farther downtown, the smell of azaleas, magnolias and even roses wafted up as I zoomed by. I love the oncoming spring/summer.

Photo 1 via coco + kelley; photo 2 by Kentaroo Tryman for Johner Images.

Be back soon! xoxo, sleepy girl.

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  1. out alone on the road at 3 AM? Are you trying to give me a heart attack????!!!!

    your loving mother