Stop! Scooter time!

I think that might officially be the worst blog title ever. MC Hammer, you can thank me later for the surge in Google searches of your name after this...

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! I am back in blogland! Huzzah!

With temps supposedly as high as 80 degrees today, I'm thinking it might be time to bring out ye ole blue scooter from winter retirement and take it to work instead of driving the car (sunroof open or not). I only wish my hair looked this good after the quick commute:

...because I can assure you it does not. I either have crazy rats' nest tangles or severe helmet head. Yes, I have a secure white helmet that makes me look like a bobblehead doll - safety first!

This girl looks chic, too, as only the Milanese can:

I tried that scarf-on-head business and all I got was a loss of 30 bucks after the silk scarf flew off my head. What you say? Bobby pins? Oops.

Either way, I can't wait to start up the Vespa and go for a ride. Do you have any fun warm-weather plans in mind?

Photo via What Possessed Me; photo 2 via The Sartorialist

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  1. Jealous! You have to have a motorcycle license to drive a vespa in SF. How lame is THAT?!