Good day sunshine

It is so stinkin' beautiful out! I heard it was supposed to rain today, but I guess the iPhone weather app was off - but I am juuuust fine with that. This sun is amazing! Seriously though, where was spring? I think there was one spring day and now we've vaulted straight into summer - it's 82 degrees today! I'm fine with that but just wondering...

I cannot wait to get on a boat. I am slightly less excited about getting in a bathing suit (blerg), but if I looked like the chick in the photo below, I'd be happy to rock one all day. On a separate note, isn't her headband awesome?

Hope you have a great sunshine-y day and have a chance to get out on the water or just outside. See you tomorrow!

Photo 1 via Oh Hello!; photo 2 by Carter Smith (model Anja Rubik), via Fairy Tale Diaries.

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  1. It's only in the 60s here in SF. I hate you East Coasters. Meh.