Hall pass

I was absent on Friday (I skipped school!) for the first weekday in a while since starting sea*life*style. Oops. Did you miss me? Please accept this apology bouquet:

Photo via Design Crush

I am So. Very. Busy.

Artwork by Julianna Swaney on Etsy, via design is mine

...but I am going to do my best to get back on track - I miss my little blogosphere!

I'm running out the door today, but will be back soon with all new stuff (hopefully by tomorrow morn!), so please come back soon!

xo, r.

p.s. We went to the Vampire Weekend concert Sat. and it was amazing! Was anyone else from the DC area there? It was awesome, right?

Photo by Sabino on tumblr


  1. I'd kill to see Vampire Weekend Live. I've missed them in Austin a couple of times. I'm so jealous of the show you got to attend.

  2. Yes, missed you :)