Rainbow trees

I've recently developed the most intense desire to visit Hawaii. I think it would be the best honeymoon locale ever. Watching LOST every week doesn't help squelch this desire either.

I just saw pictures of these incredible rainbow eucalyptus trees from Maui over on Benign Objects and had to share. Aren't they amazing?

I didn't even know trees like this existed. They're absolutely beautiful.

First wish: an engagement. Second wish: two tickets to Maui to see these (and all the other amazing stuff Hawaii has to offer), please!


  1. Ditto. You get the 1st wish and I will help you get to Maui. :)

  2. how dare you teach me about these! now I'm obsessed with finding seeds that I can order on the Internet. they'll grow in the US in the South and West-- please help me find some seeds!

  3. Hi Casey! Thanks for leaving a comment about these gorgeous trees. It seems seeds will be hard to come by (unless you're looking for huge bulk amounts), but you can buy seedlings that are already on their way - it'd be much easier for you to grow anyway! Here's one site I found: http://eucalyptusdeglupta.com/terms.htm and there are tons more out there. Good luck! And if you get one, send pics - I'd love to see! :)