Spring happenings

I've been gabbing about the slowly burgeoning spring weather and being outdoors lately, but I'd be pretty fake if I didn't divulge two other, slightly less natural, things I'm siked for in May.

Numero uno:

May 28th, people!

And slightly less fantastical, but definitely over-the-top in its own right:

9 by Design on Bravo

Are you into/excited about either of these things? I'm glad they cranked out the next SATC so quickly...but then again, I guess they kind of had to or the ladies would be 60 by the time the next one came out....


  1. What the heck is the bottom pic? People who have too many kids? the reality tv series?

  2. What's wrong with being 60??!!!

  3. Lauren-
    9 by Design is not, in fact, a show about the Duggar family! :) It's about a couple who reno/design amazing houses (mostly in NYC) and they happen to have seven kids.

    There's nothing wrong with 60! 60 is the new 45. But I don't want to see a 60-yr-old Samatha seduce a 25-yr-old. Ick. Sorry. :|