The fabulously funny Sarah Von from yes and yes recently posted about her efforts to try 31 one new things, one of which was tasting a horned melon. Hmm. Ookay. Lucky for me though, she also talked about some other exotic fruits she's had and mentioned the jackfruit. Here's her description (hope she doesn't mind me sharing):

"I became addicted to jackfruit while backpacking through Thailand. Despite looking like a flower, it tastes like bubble gum. Truly! If Willy Wonka invented a fruit, this would be it."

Genius! Now I am desperate to try one of these jackfruits. I do, after all, love me some cotton candy, and if I can get it in the form of fruit (See, body? I don't hate you after all! Now shush and keep chewing those deep-fried french fries!), then it's even better!

Does anyone know where I can get a jackfruit? I am going to have to hit up Whole Foods in search of one of these...though every time I go into WH looking for something exotic in the produce section (remember my persimmon obsession?), some 20-year-old granola head gives me the stinkeye when I ask about said weird fruit. Oh well, for cotton candy in the form of fruit, I'll take a visual lashing from a treehugger.

If you've ever had a jackfruit, or if you know where to get one (in MD), let me know! Thanks! And thanks, Sarah, for the inspiration!


  1. I love that you know me well enough that you have to stipulate if someone knows where you can get one (in MD). Because you know that I'll tout California and how wonderful it is here and how we have everything and how I know exactly where you can buy a jackfruit..... in California. Yes, I'm a left coast-aphile. It's true. Love you! And good luck in your east coast search for the jackfruit!

  2. oh wow. on my last grocery shopping trip i was mystified by bottles of new jackfruit soda pop, and already an answer arrives. i assume it's the same thing that's called ice cream fruit in australia (so i'm told) because (i was also told) it actually tastes more like bubble gum. this i learned about a month ago.

    i'm glad i didn't buy the soda (i'm a sucker for new flavors) because i remember having bubble gum soda about twenty years ago and i still get kind of queasy thinking of it.

    good luck with fruit hunting, though. jackfruit seems to be making its way in the world.

  3. As a 30+ year old granola head, you should only be buying locally grown produce. Silly.
    Actually, here you go: (dried) http://www.alibaba.com/product/ph104857741-104910983-0/Dried_Jackfruit.html; (and wholesale) http://panjiva.com/Manufacturers-Of/jackfruit/Shipping-To-The-Port-Of/Newark,+NJ